A warning to others I lost $5000 to a scam utterly embarrassed and ashamed to share this but hopefully it might save another
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A warning to others I lost $5000 to a scam utterly embarrassed and ashamed to share this but hopefully it might save another

A warning to others I lost $5000 to a scam utterly embarrassed and ashamed to share this but hopefully it might save another

I had £5000 GBP that I had saved and I was determined to finally try make something of my money.

I spent weeks learning how to read charts/technical analysis and as I became more confident I wanted to learn further. I have $6900 spread across some reasonably safe coin but no greed got the better of me…

I was following JRNY Crypto since I got into this mid Feb. He was always talking about his memberships and I became really curious and wanted to get involved.

I saw him post a message on Twitter about his membership commenting on what one of his subscribers had said. I was convinced this would be a good decision.

So later that day I messaged JRNY crypto… or atleast… I thought I did…

Earlier that day I followed someone called @JRNYcryptto

i didn’t realise the extra T I messaged this guy and expressed my desire to join his membership program we actually had a good conversation he broke down the different types of membership and I was sold he directed me to this trading platform


Because I messaged him first there were no red flags.. I thought the trading platform looked a bit crappy but still no red flags… I head to the subscription page where I deposited 5 grand… saying it out loud and reading as I type is making me feel utterly sick that I could be so fucking retarded….

The premise was that he would trade with my funds and after he had achieved the certain ROI he’d take 20% and I would take the rest. Like you pay a an investment banker. I had sunk a few whiskies earlier in the evening which I knew clouded my judgement..

It wasn’t until after I had deposited.. that I felt the urge to check something… I remember in a JRNY video he was aiming for 100k Twitter following. I went back on Twitter and noticed this guy had 20k.. dread filled my soul I then noticed the extra T..

I knew at that moment I was never seeing a single penny of that money ever again…. I brought this new discovery to his attention. He claimed he has a second account so that he can message prospects. I knew it was total bullshit but I was worried that he had some of my info and I was nervous this could get worse..

He kept reassuring me this was real and I should relax.. a few days later he aggressively try’s to convince me that I had to pay his 20% commission fee upfront I couldn’t believe the balls of this guy… I told him that wasn’t gonna happen I had very little left basically $1700 from my original £5000..

He then try’s to befriend me saying not to worry about the fee and continued to try reassure me.. I went along with it due to worries he may be able to hack my wallet to retrieve my last few coins. Lastly he says for me to withdraw my profits at the end of day 5 I’d need to pay a $5000 withdrawal fee.

Neither the commission fee or withdrawal fee was ever mentioned prior to me depositing funds. He tried to take advantage of the fact I was all in and tried to exploit another 11 grand out of me. Not once was I ever going to pay..

I thought I was a smart guy but I’m a dumb fucking idiot who deserved all of this. To make matters worse I have been bombarded by fund recovery scammers…

I have only a tiny bit left and every day I’m lying to my partner about how my crypto investing is going..

For the love of god don’t be as retarded as me please read this, feel free to laugh and ridicule I deserve it… read this and remember even if you think you’re talking to a legitimate person with good intentions even if YOU message them first…

Please be careful….

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