Why No-Coiners Should Buy $100 of Bitcoin
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Why No-Coiners Should Buy $100 of Bitcoin

Why No-Coiners Should Buy $100 of Bitcoin

Because that’s what I did.

Ok, there’s more to it than that. Yes, I bought .04 Bitcoin for $100 in 2017. Surely I was pissing the $100 away because an imaginary internet coin couldn’t possibly be worth that much.

I watched Bitcoin rocket to $20k, crater to $3k, and bounce back. Then, in early 2020 my outlook changed drastically. To my surprise, it was doggedly holding onto a $10k valuation. To rise and fall and years later be back up so high…that is not how a bubble on a weak asset plays out.

That’s when I made a much larger purchase, giving Bitcoin a real place among my assets. I’ve accumulated more value on that purchase than any other investment of mine in the same time span.

But without that $100 purchase in 2017, I wouldn’t have gained the education. And without the education, I never would have had the conviction to buy a more meaningful amount in early 2020.

The point of all this is that micro-sized investments are much more meaningful than you might think. What’s $100 if it enables you to acquire knowledge or experience that makes you much more money down the line?

So, if you are too unsure about putting thousands of dollars into Bitcoin, try $100…or maybe $50…or $10. Whatever you are comfortable with.

Life is too short to stay on the sidelines.

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