People saying: “I’m not going to cash out till BTC hits one million” still don’t get it.
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People saying: “I’m not going to cash out till BTC hits one million” still don’t get it.

People saying: “I’m not going to cash out till BTC hits one million” still don’t get it.

By then you won’t have to “cash out”.

And the ones saying: “You should be taking profits” …get it even less.

Here’s my projection:

As many smart people like Mr. Saylor and Mr. Musk have pointed out, it’s very irresponsible for any individual or business not to own any Bitcoin.

People who don’t own any Bitcoin will be laughed out and shamed as fools and ignorants.

People hate that, so they will come in slowly… then all of a sudden. That’s when the next FOMO “bubble” will come and will take Bitcoin over 300K on this current cycle, to then maybe “crash” back down to around 90K (although with all the institutions lining up , and then later governments also buying, I doubt we see over 30% corrections any more).

The next halving/cycle will take ir over 1 million, following the S2F chart as it always has.

So I will NEVER sell my Bitcoin for worthless, ever-depreciating, printed-to-infinity government coupons/IOU’s… and pay enormous taxes that go to kill children on the other side of the world on top of that.

For the first time ever we have real independent money, that I alone can decide where to spend and how to use. If for whatever reason I need fiat to buy something from somebody who refuses to accept Bitcoin (I wouldn’t buy from them in the first place), I would borrow against my BTC as last resort option. We have that option already with many lenders, the one I trust right now due to the people behind it is Blockfi.

Selling Bitcoin it´s like selling prime real estate you owe in Manhattan. You never sell that, neither your children and grand children. It’s meant to be kept for ALL generations to come, forever, till the end of times. You can borrow against it, use it as collateral.

You never sell something that will keep appreciating in value forever.

“Not selling to fiat and hodling Bitcoin IS taking a profit”.

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