I sold this week, and I am thankful!
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I sold this week, and I am thankful!

I sold this week, and I am thankful!

I’ve been holding my Bitcoin for a couple years, buying weekly, and saving it all.

This week, my spouse got in a car accident. We’re fine, car is not. We got through the initial stress of that to get to the even more stressful part of repairs and deductibles. The car will get fixed, but we certainly didn’t have that extra money in the bank this week.

Thankfully, within minutes, we had it covered. I was able to transfer from my wallet to the exchange, sell, and had the funds in hand. It was fast, secure, and available exactly when I needed it. Literally the only thing that would’ve made it any easier was if the insurance company accepted BTC directly, which is of course the big goal here.

This is why we need to continue to educate people on the benefits of Bitcoin. Not even as an investment, but as security. Currency values will change, emergencies will happen where banking may not be the best option. BTC will stay secure and, as we continue to push, more widely accepted.

Next paycheck I’ll surely start building the stack back up.

Keep up the good fight.

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