I can taste the denial
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I can taste the denial

I can taste the denial

Not investment advice.

I think what you are seeing right now is massive denial of what’s going on with our economy.

The economy has been battered. Small businesses are failing. Americans now have “huge savings” after receiving thousands of dollars of stimulus and no bars/movie theaters/restaurants to spend it on. Mall bankruptcies are epic.

The federal reserve is pretending inflation doesn’t exist, but if it does exist, they have ways to deal with it. Sure they do.

We are going to see the middle class nearly disappear in the next 10 years. Are you ready for what that looks like? But before then, are you ready for the “growth” aka stimulus fueled inflation. Are you ready for real inflation with suppressed interest rates? How about the infrastructure bill of $2 trill.

2nd nfl star just put bitcoin in their bio.

Does money grow on trees?
Does it matter if bitcoin is the solution or only if people and companies believe it can be?

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