To the guy I used to work with
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To the guy I used to work with

To the guy I used to work with

I’m sure my experience isn’t super novel, but back when I was in college Bitcoin almost hit 20k. I put in $100 at the beginning of that spike and sold when it starting dipping for $122 ($22 profit!). I did zero research and I was in it because I thought I could make a quick buck. I decided I shouldn’t be investing in something I don’t know about, especially while I was paying for an education.

Less than a year later, I started my first job after graduation which had an open office format. I distinctly remember a coworker saying Bitcoin was a good investment and we would regret not buying in. The response was pretty brutal as everyone was laughing at him and saying it would die out. It finally sparked me to do my own research and I hopped on board this wild ride. That week I put in $1000 which isn’t a lot for some of you, but as a recent college graduate it was a big deal. Ever since then I have been trying to reach the milestone of accumulating 1 BTC and I’m almost halfway there!

Anyway, I just want to thank that guy I used to work with and hope you’re still HODLing. I sometimes feel like the crazy guy you were painted as, but I think people just haven’t opened their eyes yet!

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