Can I buy and hold bitcoin for a few years?
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Can I buy and hold bitcoin for a few years?

Can I buy and hold bitcoin for a few years?

I’m 13 at the moment and I could make a custodial account and then when I turn 18 I can transfer the account to myself

Can I buy like £100 in bitcoin upfront then add about £5 into the account every month and hold it for a few decades and then I can sell when I’m older to theoretically make money and have a boost to start out my adult life.

I get £20 a month pocket money but I am contemplating starting to wash people’s cars or cut peoples lawns during weekends for some extra money so basically 1/4 of my money each month added (I save my money and rarely spend it) plus a bit of money from washing cars or something.

So, what are your suggestions or recommendations. Whatbroker do you recommend (in in the UK) and should I maybe start investing in stocks too?

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