Bitcoin just became my primary saving account
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Bitcoin just became my primary saving account

Bitcoin just became my primary saving account

Around 10 years ago politicians in Belgium funneled lots of money from a specific bank which i was using that time, resulting in bankruptcy and they literally blocked my accounts and stole my money to “rescue” that specific bank.

I later moved to Colombia because i had family there and was fed up of that corrupt bullshit in Belgium, also it opened up lots of job opportunities for me because i work a lot in South American countries. and duo ridiculous tax rates in Belgium (70% because they double tax first per month then per year on the same income)

However 2 years ago before the Corona bullshit started i sold my apartment and bought a house, i was short for $3000 USD and requested a loan, the bank tried to fuck me by trying to snatch my deal away and try to buy the house from the seller (because they require the seller details for a loan)

I was lucky and the seller recorded the call and told me how the bank was trying to cheat on me (he hates banks)

This forced me to sell my car with $3000 USD loss in order to get the amount needed, all my bad experiences with banks have made me trust Bitcoin even more, also the bank cheated on my with my portfolio of stocks that i was keeping with them, they lied about my investment profits and kept half of the profit for themselves.

I started buying when bitcoin was around $10,000 usd, now my investment has increased 3fold and im still holding and buying.

And the best part, taxes can’t know what i own and i can trade my Bitcoin into cash without locally without anyone knowing.

i bought $300 USD more today and i spread my savings in 2 hardware wallets so no fuckery and my seed is safely stored in a vault at home with instructions for my wife in case something happens to me.

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