We are still early
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We are still early

We are still early

Open a bitcoin news article from your country that has comments enabled. The amount of people that say its a pyramid scheme, or “you cant buy groceries with bitcoin”, “no usecase” can be found in every article. This is like the early days of the mobile phone. “I can call at home”, “I dont need this”, “it’s just a gimmick for the nerds”. Look at these people now.

Honestly, i have never been so sure Bitcoin will keep on gaining value and Bitcoin will allow me to be financial independent at early age.

When you bought and are at a loss: don’t freak out and if you do, you pro ably dont understand the potential Bitcoin has or you have too much money invested to feel comfortable.

When you are selling because you made some gains: It is good you are taking profits, but never sell all of it.

Don’t let the current price/volatility get to you. You will be 99,99% a winner if you come back in a couple years.

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