To people that say a $300 trillion dollar market cap and beyond in Bitcoin is impossible to ever reach one day
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To people that say a $300 trillion dollar market cap and beyond in Bitcoin is impossible to ever reach one day

To people that say a $300 trillion dollar market cap and beyond in Bitcoin is impossible to ever reach one day

Do you think the internet will ever replace the newspaper industry? That an internet company could ever make more money than the physical print information industry?

Oh, how small people think when they even know they live in a world where the money printers go brrr.

The dollar is hyperinflating against assets, so every dollar you hold right now is just a melting bag of purchasing power.

The most valuable thing in our time today is information. Do you know what kind of information Bitcoin is? Monetary information. When that gets monetized with Facebook’s user size, you can expect it to be 100X Facebook’s value because of the type of information it is, and the amount of people’s energetic wealth it will be storing at that point. That’s hundreds of trillions worth of market cap, making Bitcoin worth millions to eventually tens of millions per coin. You’ll see this in your lifetime. You’ll wish you had put some skin in the game by then if you don’t already have some today, and don’t start buying some today or sometime before then.

This makes every 30 dollars at today’s price worth hundreds of thousands not too many halving cycles from now.

Do you want to sit on the sidelines and keep having no skin in the game while you watch everyone else here keep getting rich?

Or do you want to skip a coffee every week so you can put some money away to grow in case the same people who were right about the internet revolutions, digital cash revolution(Paypal), and tech revolutions are right about this Bitcoin revolution too?

The third option you have, which I don’t recommend is that you could listen to Peter Schiff and put your money in gold where it’s underperformed even the most basic ETFs for decades now. His poor son will probably have to convert his value losing gold for Bitcoin at millions of dollars per coin one day when he’s gone, just like many of his peers will likely have to thanks to their dinosaur parents.

I’m always so shocked that people like Peter can’t realize this. His generation can ignore Bitcoin all they want, but the one after them will put it in Bitcoin. Do you want to know a darker analytical point that Wall Street is seeing right now? Why they’re running behind Bitcoin? Because the Pandemic is killing a lot of these old rich folk and speeding up the transfer of wealth to their kids, who have quickly put it in the best asset of their time as polls of their generations have shown they said they would do for years now. Very easy to view data, very easy to understand once looked at properly. It’s only getting faster too, not slower. And sadly, with how far the virus has spread thanks to everything we’ve seen in the mask and logistical ignorances of this pandemic that’s resulting in such rampant growth in infectious cases rivaling Bitcoins boom, this is nowhere near the next top.

A sarcastic, but educational attempt response I made to an uneducated naysayer who tried to convince people to not put anything into Bitcoin because according to him; “The tech billionaires in this space were only in Bitcoin for a large pump and dump, that Bitcoin would eventually run out and not allow anyone to own any, and that the governments would ban it:

Yes, let’s listen to this man instead of the billionaires he named that made their billions by betting on all the tech revolutions we saw in our lives with Facebook, Apple, Google, Paypal, eBay, ETC.

I’m sure I’ll make more money listening to this man instead of the billionaires he’s saying are wrong because they’ve been wrong of all the current tech revolutions who’s stocks make up their billions today? Wait, something doesn’t add up here. Nope, you know what, I’m leaving my bet where the logic is, where the smart money is, where millennials and gen Z have polled that they’ll put their money in.

And what’s this notion that there is not enough Bitcoin to go around? It’s infinitely divisible. I can send less than a pennies worth of Bitcoin and smaller on the lightning network and more 2nd layer solutions like that to thousands of people.

The government is for this too if you haven’t noticed. It’s the IRS’s dream. An open internet network of monetary transactions that they can audit without a warrant

Bitcoin is most likely here to stay, so don’t let irrational fears make you stay away. Nobody is saying sink the house in it either. Because with where this thing is projecting to go, even $30 dollars today could easily become 100k in your lifetime. What would you rather do? Listen to this guy and spend that 30 dollars on one overpriced meal? Or put it away for 10 to 20 years in case it can change your life?

If the tech billionaires are wrong, you only lose 30 bucks.

If guys like the one I mentioned are wrong, you only lose hundreds of thousands of dollars you could’ve grown from parking a measly 30 bucks into Bitcoin Today.

Which of these losses can you live with more in the next couple of decades? Losing 30 dollars today? Or losing hundreds of thousands that could’ve been grown out of 30 in a few halving cycles?

Don’t you wish you could have put 20 dollars 10 years ago now? Chances currently are you’ll be regretting the same in the next 10. It’s everyone’s personal choice though, but before you make it, I highly advise you do your research so you know what you’re saving your monetary value in. Because someone who knows what this space is will never sell no matter how many uneducated fools try to convince them to do so.

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