Stop selling your bitcoins.
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Stop selling your bitcoins.

Stop selling your bitcoins.

Firstly, no decision should be taken in panic and selling your bitcoin because of the sudden dip has panic written all over it. In life, it is your ignorance that costs you money. Rather than missing the Bitcoin opportunity, you should seek to deepen your knowledge constantly. Once you understand the flaws of the current system and the why of Bitcoin, you will make the only valid choice: buy Bitcoin. This is a unique opportunity to accumulate more BTC If you were willing to buy BTC at $41K, buying it at $32K is a no-brainer If you don’t feel like you can take advantage of this drop, don’t come crying in a few months when the price of Bitcoin reaches $100K. The funniest part is that some people who were buying Bitcoin at $40K last week are afraid to buy Bitcoin today at $35K. Bitcoin at $35K is an even greater opportunity. Buy the dip, invest in bitcoin mining.

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