This cycle is its own beast.
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This cycle is its own beast.

This cycle is its own beast.

This cycle is its own beast.

This cycle is its own beast, with shorter, less deep corrections. It is not a lengthening cycle nor a run with diminishing ROI. It’s not as immature as 2013 which was a pure retail explosion of a few months nor an altcoin driven rally with no clear bearings of what’s exactly is happening like 2017.


We now have the best infrastructure and the most mature players the industry has ever seen. Add to that the macro backdrop of:

1) Excessive money printing (“It’s not a store of value” types are crowded out of the conversation)

2) Craving of decentralised/non-state infrastructure within Western youth (“It’s not backed by a state” types sound disturbingly naive)

3) Digital payments becoming the norm beyond Asia (“I can’t touch it!” types sound like cavemen)

It will likely be remembered as the most risk-adjusted (low risk/high return) rally of Bitcoin in the cycles to come. 2025 will be great but at that point, it won’t be as cool to be living through it. There’s nothing visionary about buying AAPL or AMZN at this point.

These couple years will also be the inflexion point of “oh wow you have Bitcoin as well?” to “you still don’t save in Bitcoin? lol.” – similar to the ‘gradually then suddenly’ shift of smartphone adoption between 2005 and 2010.

Just HODL and enjoy the ride.

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