I see this time and time again, BE CAREFUL!
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I see this time and time again, BE CAREFUL!

I see this time and time again, BE CAREFUL!

Hear me out just 3 paragraphs. In late 2017 during that first 20k bull run I met this guy on discord and he told me he spent his entire life savings for 3 bitcoin! He caught the FOMO bug and bought at the worst possible time and the following month it crashed to 3-6k’ish?

Well he got impatient during that 2018 summer and dumped it all. I can’t imagine how that poor fellow felt when the last 2 months were skyrocketing to unbelievable heights. And sadly I see the same story unfolding with those just getting their feet wet in the world of cryptos.

Moral of this story? If you’re going to invest just HODL and forget about it! Or don’t buy in at the highest, and/or never risk more than you can lose!!!

If TL;DR then sorry, BE CAREFUL!!! =(

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