Bitcoin Advice for the Newbs
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Bitcoin Advice for the Newbs

Bitcoin Advice for the Newbs

I bought in Dec 2017. I saw bitcoin in a news feed on Reddit saying that it reached $10,000. That was my very first exposure to bitcoin. I watched a ton of videos on it. I completely understood it. This is revolutionary. And the one thing that sticks with me from all of those videos was this Asian guy saying “just get you 1 bitcoin, bitcoin go to the $1million”. So that became my mission.

I set up my account, I’m waiting for bank funds a week. In the meantime bitcoin has hit $16,000. Finally, I have funds. I fomo’d in $1,300 at an average price of $16,500. You guess what happens next. Bitcoin starts crashing. I’m throwing in money on the way down. Other people are pulling out and I’m diving in deep.

Didn’t matter to me. I set a goal for myself and I went after that goal hard. I had already 2 years of experience in traditional stocks. So I knew I just had to throw more money in DCA as much as I could. I went after the goal hard. And that’s what I did over 3 years bear market.

My average is as low as $8800. The whole time over these 3 years bear market I invested in Bitcoin. I saw it as a blessing. When bitcoin went even lower as much as $3000 – $5000 I became happy because it made my goal easier.

I didn’t know at what point this investment would look like a good payoff. Now, over these last few months it looks great. Bitcoin has crashed and I’m still way up I feel great.

I told people to invest 3 years ago, but they don’t really take it seriously. So…whatever.

Nowadays, I’ve mentioned it to people who are very interested.

If you look ahead into the future. C’mon use your crystal ball 🔮. I’m investing long term and also because this is the currency of the future. This is revolutionary, there is no maybe it goes to 0. Maybe it rises. No, it rises. And that’s all there is to it. If you can align yourself with that vision of the future. If you can discover why this is absolutely important.

You will not care whether or not it crashes because ultimately it’s crashing higher. And it’s designed to appreciate. Stop looking at it hindsight. Do not be afraid of price swings. Set your goal and commit yourself for a time. You are looking at something that will dwarf Amazon, Apple and gold many times over. I guarantee it. Even at these levels I’m still buying.

It will crash higher and accelerate higher. The price swings will get bigger because bitcoin will get bigger. That is the way of the bitcoin.

When bitcoin crashes it’s a blessing, it stop to throw off dead weight and make room for you. You haven’t got left behind yet. But, it won’t be here forever.

TLDR: Bitcoin is the future and will be more widely adopted in the future. Don’t invest on emotions, but invest with a long term vision in my mind of where you see this bitcoin being. Look carefully at the big picture.

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