Market dips are healthy: purging dead-weight
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Market dips are healthy: purging dead-weight

Market dips are healthy: purging dead-weight

Bitcoin is a healthy asset.

It has corrections and dips.

You know what doesn’t correct or dip?

A bubble.

Like the current stock and real estate markets.

Stocks and Real Estate prices have been in a 12 year bubble that only survives while the FED blows hot-air (prints new money in the trillions).

The FED intervention has prevented the stock and real estate markets from doing what they need to PURGE inefficiency and failed ventures.

Usually these corrections happen when failed business goes bankrupt, and their remaining resources get consolidated into new companies.

Employees that lost jobs get re-distributed to new better performing companies, start new businesses, or shift industries altogether.

Free-markets are the most efficient form of distributing business resources.

But the FED has not allowed this to happen for over 12 years now, by interfering with the free-market corrections.

This created a huge backlog of companies that are on the verge of bankruptcy, and home owners on the verge of losing their property. They only survive with interest-free government loans, like “mortgage deferrals”.

But these businesses and homeowners cannot produce enough value to survive on their own. This is the crux of the issue.

Because of FED intervention, the bubble burst is going to be 100x worse than it would have been in 2008, had it been left to free-market forces to consolidate the losses.

Bitcoin can’t be manipulated.

The price you see is the fair market price.

Bitcoin is the truest representation of a fair-market we have on this planet today.

We take our dips and corrections as they happen, we don’t postpone them for the future.

But as a result, you know that the price you pay is accurate, that this is a healthy market, it isn’t FULL of worthless garbage companies and real estate that are under-water.

Just pure value.

You’re buying into pure value without any of the waste.

The stock and real estate bubbles will pop, there’s no choice, they have to. Just a matter of when and how it will unfold. Or the inefficiencies will bring down the entire system.

When the FED refuses to allow the market to correct, it is saying to big cap companies: “you’re allowed to fail, and we’ll print infinite amounts of money to swallow your losses.” So then the executives are like “great, so that means you can afford to pay me a $500 million bonus!” Without restrictions on the money supply, the corruption will only get worse and worse.

Bitcoin cannot be corrupted. Bitcoin is safe from that non-sense.

HODL strong!

Make them pry the Bitcoin out of your cold dead hands! ☃️

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