Strategies for living off of BTC in a few years
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Strategies for living off of BTC in a few years

Strategies for living off of BTC in a few years

Assuming bullish BTC predictions come true, in a few years there will be a lot of people with new found wealth. I am curious what financial strategies are out there to maximize the potential of a future BTC stack. What would be your strategy for living off of your BTC holdings if they exceed $1 million?

Specifically I am talking about what are options beyond just selling for fiat and paying taxes. I am not super familiar with DeFi but know there are ways to gain interest on your crypto. I also listened to Michael Saylor say rich people don’t sell their assets, they borrow money with their appreciating asset as collateral and then refinance. Are there any financiers out there who understand how these strategies would play out and are willing to share their knowledge?

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