Design Proposal for the Satoshi Symbol
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Design Proposal for the Satoshi Symbol

Design Proposal for the Satoshi Symbol

Design Proposal for the Satoshi Symbol

Hello Everyone,

Multiple attempts have been made to create the satoshi symbol, however, some people still consider satoshis too small to be a useful unit. We argue that in order for a currency to have value and to be useful, it needs a visual representation that the community accepts, recognizes and uses. At the current prices of Bitcoin and its continuous upward trajectory, Satoshis can also be a useful tool as a comparison of value in relation to a dollar.

Current Value : 1$=2,468 Satoshis (

The symbol should be simple and identifiable enough for people to easily recognize what a satoshi is in relation to Bitcoin which is,

If BTC 0.00000001 = 1 SAT , One Satoshi is equivalent to 10 raised to the power of -8

To create the symbol we look at the how the cent is designed,

small letter “c” with a slash

So ultimately the symbol we created is a combination of the following elements:

Satoshi Symbol

Thank you for watching, any constructive criticisms and suggestions on how to improve the symbol are welcome.

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