Almost got scammed and bought BTC at ATH with huge fees
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Almost got scammed and bought BTC at ATH with huge fees

Almost got scammed and bought BTC at ATH with huge fees

Hi. I just want to share my story to blow some steam. I feel so bad for almost falling into this.

Yesterday at 3 AM I was super tired while casually browsing the /r/Bitcoin subreddit. I saw this post about Elon Musk replying to someone about Bitcoin on twitter. In the comment section there was a scam bot with a verified Twitter account posting a screenshot of Elon Musk tweeting about giving away BTC and ETH. I’m sure you are aware about this scam. I was not very informed and I got to the scammer’s website. I needed a minimum of 0.1 BTC while I had only 0.05. My impulsive personality and the fact that I am desperate for money got the better of me and I bought another 0.05 BTC from the android app because there is where I was keeping the rest of the money. I ended paying almost 15% more (shitty exchange rate between my country’s currency and USD and 7.5% processing fee) while BTC is currently at almost ATH. I didn’t care about any of these, I was in a hurry to get my 2x BTC. What saved my ass was the fact that the transaction took a few hours while I had time to think about all of this and my girlfriend waking me up from my mania. After that, we investigated this together. I seriously can’t understand how she puts up with me and didn’t dump me yet.

I feel like a dumb ass brain dead chimpanzee for not knowing better. What makes it A LOT worse is the fact that I am studying for a computer security master’s degree and I should be aware of all these types of scams and I should have investigated before doing anything. I don’t think I deserve this diploma anymore. I wonder what my fellow peers or the students that I teach would think of this.

So much crazy shit happened in the world in the last year, so Elon Musk giving away money didn’t seem so far fetched. I just hope bitcoin doesn’t crash and keep rising a bit more. The best I can do now is HODL. The amount I paid yesterday is 8% of my entire earthly possessions.

As a side question. Are there better alternatives to the android app?

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