I just sold everything to pay off my school debts
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I just sold everything to pay off my school debts

I just sold everything to pay off my school debts

So I was in over $500k in school debt thanks to the interest growing the debt faster than I could pay it in the years since I graduated. I started buying at the dip from 2017, putting my full savings, income, and 401k. I DCA’d my way in for the last 4 years dispursing my buys evenly, unless we dipped under 5k, then I would double my acquisition spending. I finished my last entry buy on the way back up at 7k in 2020. As soon as I saw it hitting those numbers again I had a feeling the moon was on its way, especially with how close we had come to 14k in the last rally before we had dipped to 3.9k, so I figured it was time to sink the remainder of my investment dollars in. Today, we hit my moon, and I was able to sell enough coins to pay everything off. Now I’m debt-free, have .1 BTC left over, and a free income to enter back into the market fully again! This is definitely real, and if anyone accuses me of being Michael Saylor just trying to emotionally convince you into selling, they’re lying! I would never do anything like that! I mean… Michael… Michael would never do anything like that…

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