Get Off Coinbase ASAP
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Get Off Coinbase ASAP

Get Off Coinbase ASAP

So randomly coinbase just canceled my $10k order. My account is verified, 3 years old, connected my bank to do ACH buy of $10k for Bitcoin. They say it’ll take 5-10 days to show up in my account and it never does. Then I check order history and it shows up as pending and that it was to arrive a couple days prior (never did) and now today it says it was canceled altogether. My bank is chase and I called their support and they said CONbase never even attempted to fill the order and there would’ve been no problem on their end. Price of Bitcoin was $31k at time of purchase and now it’s over $41k. What a disgraceful company. No support. No responses anywhere. Constantly crashes. Complete clown-show. Cost me thousands. Can’t imagine I’m the only one. Good luck to everyone!

Case# 03997077 if anyone at coinbase cares

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