Find your own moon!
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Find your own moon!

Find your own moon!

Hey guys, there’s a bunch of people selling right now and I just want to say to their haters: Fuck right off!

So you’re in a position where selling right now wouldn’t be life changing? Oh, you already own your house and car? What’s that, paying off your student loans is dumb because blah blah blah? Get bent. The outright privilege is astonishing. Know what? I think that’s cool for you that an extra 100k wouldn’t make much difference so you’re holding out for a mill, but there’s a ton of us out here for whom that is LIFE CHANGING MONEY.

Be happy when people sell and buy their moon. Shitting on their moon is some karmic chicken that might not work out well for you.

Let’s please remember that non of us actually knows the future and there’s a decent chance BTC could be back below 20k until the next bull run in a few years. We saw what happens when the stock market crashed last feb; how confident are you in the US economy’s bubble?

Not trying to FUD, I just want people to recognize that there is uncertainty in the market and bailing out when you’ve reached your goal is an exercise in humility and self control that many of you clearly could not manage. Be happy for the people who have found their moon, and maybe think about what yours is before you end up some old “millionaire” who sits on his horde of crypto like some sad dragon, never leaving the cave as that would require selling some of the precious.

Edit: the comments are proof that rich people simply can’t understand the problems the lower classes face.

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