Why Hodlers are Special!
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Why Hodlers are Special!

Why Hodlers are Special!

The year is 2017, Bitcoin reaches new all time highs of close to $20,000 & then crashes. Panic sets in, China is banning Bitcoin for the 647th time. People sell they valuable Bitcoins. Look at where we are now! True Hodlers are winning. Where does a Hodlers success come ? is it when Hodling and breaking even going through the pain of the entire bear market ?? or is it to sell at a mere 20 or 30 % gains after all the losses you endured during the bear market ?? No. I’m talking about Hodling and never selling(almost).

Your most favourite Twitter influencer maybe having 30 Bitcoin, decides to sell 20 of them and he has been talking about selling around 30K(Which many were and sold) look at where we are now. It’s good for him but he is also dumb. Lets say you just own 2 Bitcoin and price reaches $150K. If you followed your favourite twitter influencer and sold at 30k you lost. He made 600k off selling 20BTC now and you held on to your 2BTC and price 150k per BTC then. What you have is 300K worth. You see the difference ?

Lets assume one Bitcoin is worth $100k or even $200k in the coming years(I’m not even saying those crazy $1M predictions like some, at least not for now lol) you don’t have to sell 1 Whole Bitcoin for anything you just have to scrape off pieces of your BTC to fulfill whatever that is you are going to be doing. This is where the true power of Hodling comes. This is where Hodlers win.

Let’s imagine you bought 1 whole BTC around $15K few weeks back which many thought were crazy and BTC retest 8.8K levels, now you are up 140+ percent on your investment. Lets say you don’t needs this money for a while and Bitcoin reaches $150k. You plan to buy a new car worth $30K or you need it for a life expense – You no longer need to sell your whole BTC. You just sell 0.2 BTC and you still will have 0.80 BTC for your future.

People before 2015 era almost always valued their Bitcoin in USD Value. They were always holding 1000 USD worth of BTC or 10,000 USD worth of BTC. Right now people have changed to I’m having 0.5 BTC or 1.5 BTC or i’m having 5 BTC yay! The future will be Satoshis. Bitcoin is very divisible – Satoshi knew this was coming lol. So post 2021 People will be saying – hey I’m having 50,000 Satoshis or I’m having 200K Sats.

Hodling is fine but what about Trading ?

I’m won’t say don’t trade but allocate a part of your funds to trading if you are going to try and put the remaining good chunk the fuck away from exchanges. If you are a good – fine! you will make even more sats. If not then no big deal. You just lost a chunk you can live with.

This is the greatest transformation of wealth in human history. There has never been a time in history where a currency is perfect. Bitcoin is perfect. You know why ? because we won’t be here if it weren’t for Bitcoin We won’t be here if it weren’t for Satoshi who gave this wonderful tech – Blockchain for mankind.

At the end of the day from a traders perspective it a zero sum game. One mans loss is another mans gain. Good thing here is there are Billions of people who don’t have exposure to Crypto yet. Companies are buying BTC today so that they can sell it to the Billions of public of tomorrow. along with that there will be plenty of Utilities built along the way which will provide use cases for Cryptocurrency as a whole. Don’t go off course, stay focused. This is our time to shine. If you are here and reading this – We fucking beat the Big companies to it. If you are new always DCA and never go all in at once price point. Always DOYR and stay away from Scams. Cheers & HODL ON!

In case if you want to see the Historical price records of Crypto by date check out: https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/

Happy Hodling (●’◡’●)

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