Serious Thread: This parabolic growth is abnormal
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Serious Thread: This parabolic growth is abnormal

Serious Thread: This parabolic growth is abnormal

I’ve long been a believer in Bitcoin. Been DCAing regularly for a while now.

I think the recent rally over the last few days (including today) is quite abnormal. I know there is no way to predict where Bitcoin is going to go. I don’t think this rally is fueled by Institutions as many have actually publicly said that they are not investing as much, many analysts also believe that this is fueled by retail.

Seriously, what are your thoughts, who is buying all of this crypto. I think this mostly retail FOMO kicking in. This generally never ends well and is followed by a large correction.

I am in no way trying to disparage Bitcoin and I think long term its very promising but just want to spark a healthy discussion here as to whats happening with all this craziness.

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