re: Bitcoin. Thank You!
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re: Bitcoin. Thank You!

re: Bitcoin. Thank You!

Today I hit my years long goal of a $1M net worth thanks in large part to this amazing magical internet money I was introduced to back in 2013. I wanted to achieve this generic net worth goal since I was a kid, but 10 years ago I was -$50k in the hole with student loans, credit card debt, no car, and bouncing from apartment to apartment every year.

Nothing but a sound, curious mind and a solid work ethic.

I started converting my fiat to bitcoin in the summer of 2015, not telling my then fiance, with whom I was planning a wedding and trying to save for a condo, that I was doing it. I never thought she’d understand my conviction.

I put in hundreds of hours before I felt confident and comfortable enough to buy any bitcoin. From the moment I did though, I never stopped and DCA’d for years. Small increments of $25 a week at first, then more as my confidence grew. Once the price hit $1k I told my wife about my efforts in shorting the dollar. She didn’t quite get it, per se, but she trusted me.

Since then I’ve stomached every god damn dip, correction, crash…etc. Never wavered. Days like today are surreal. Today my wife and I own a single family home, great town, great school system for our daughter, zero debt (aside from mortgage which will be paid off at the $100k mark), and a 7 figure net worth. We’re both still in our 30’s. Un-f*cking-believable.

To all those just getting started on your journey; STAY THE COURSE. Stay smart. Invest what you can when you can. Trust the process and in 5 years you can and very likely will be in this same position. ANYONE can do this. Think in terms of years, not this year. Now back to the drawing board to set the next goal milestone. This should be fun!

Thank you bitcoin for changing our lives forever.

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