I spent a fortune to buy BTC at ATH in 2017
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I spent a fortune to buy BTC at ATH in 2017

I spent a fortune to buy BTC at ATH in 2017

And has been hodling since then.

In May 2017, when I came to the US, my friend told me about bitcoin. Its price was $2000 at that time. It sparked my interest, so I bought a very small amount.

After going back to my country, I started my journey on cryptocurrency. English is not my first language, so at first I struggled a lot with crypto jargons. Eventually, I understood enough to realize. Bitcoin is here to stay.

Then I started buying. Small amount at first. Then I bought some more. My BTC portfolio grew, and my stress tolerance grew with it. The excitement when BTC price hit new milestone. The fear, the stress when price dropped. I started day trading without actually knowing what the hell I was doing.

Then I started trading in alt coins. I remembered buying Bitcoin cash at $1800, saw the price going uo to $2000 with a wide smile and then my heart dropped to the bottom of my stomach when its price went down quicker than I could react.

Then I knew about Bitconnect. Then I knew about ICOs

I started buying, “investing” without actually know why , how. And I learned a lot. By learning, I meant I lost a lot of my hard earned money. But also gained a lot too.

In the end, thanks to the bullish market, all my mistakes was forgiven.

When BTC was at $16k, I used all of my gains from my btc journey to focus only on bitcoin. It was only about 10 grands, but to me that was a lot. Sorry for misleding you with the title “a fortune”

When price went down to 15, 14, I firmly hodled!

Because I was not the newbie I was in May. I now believed in BTC, not just for a quick gain, but a future. Also, I knew BTC always went down a lot then bounced back much higher.

Then I saw btc price plummetted. Everyday. Instead of new ATHs, all I could see was new ATLs. Althought I was a BTC believer, my heart still skipped so many beats that I deleted my Blockfolio app.

My friend told me to sell my btc, then buy it back later . This time, I simply told him “how do you know it won’t go higher after I sell?” He shrugged. I shrugged too.

The friends who knew I was into Bitcoin couldn’t pass this opportunity to constantly ask me on how I was doing in bitcoin, what the price was, have I sold my btc… etc . All I did was smile like I was strong, but deep in my heart, I sometimes wondered “am I right?”.

Then 2019 came. Then 2020. BTC price rose to 35k today.

Now my friends, my friends’ friends, my friends’s friends’ doughnut sellers are asking me on how to buy bitcoin lol

I still hodl. Because I know, Bitcoin is here to stay.

Thanks for reading my long journey. Sorry for any language mistakes .

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