Bill Miller 4Q 2020 Market Letter-
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Bill Miller 4Q 2020 Market Letter-

Bill Miller 4Q 2020 Market Letter-

Bill Miller was one of the first prominent investors to lend a little mainstream investing credence to Bitcoin. Gotta give the old guy props. While Warren Buffet was busy calling it “rat poison”, Bill was bullish, and still is today. I remember a post here on 11/6 that quoted him during the run up this summer from $10k; “I strongly recommend buying Bitcoin at current prices” ($15,568/BTC). Most people I talked with thought they missed the boat. Yet here we are at double that. This boat is still fueling up, and if you see $30k+ BTC and think you’ve missed it, think again. Looks like he doesn’t see this bull run ending anytime soon. Check out his market letter from today.

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