I sold all 21 of my Bitcoin – No Regrets
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I sold all 21 of my Bitcoin – No Regrets

I sold all 21 of my Bitcoin – No Regrets

I made my first BTC purchase around the end of 2014. The price was a little over $300 and it was trending slowly down. (I vaguely remember a very short-term dip into the $100s during 2015. Feel free to verify.)

I was attracted to BTC for a few reasons:

1) Demand: It aligned with my libertarian values. I was a big fan of Ron Paul and his “End the Fed” ideology. BTC seemed like a nice answer to the endless QE.

2) Limited Supply: BTC is fundamentally designed for price increases. I’m no intellect, but limited supply + demand = ⬆️ valuation.

3) Access/affordability: despite a small learning curve, it was much easier to buy shares of BTC than it was to buy BRK.A

So, I DCA’d my way to 21 Bitcoins over the next couple of years, along with a basket of Alts.

I was single living overseas during the 2017 bull run.

I wanted to move to the US, so I nearly fully liquidated, bought a house, started a family, and started a business.

No regrets.

When BTC hits $50k this year, I’ll take a moment to reflect on what a 7 digit bank account might have felt like.

And that’s it, just one moment.

BTC changed my life. BTC gave me freedom.

I will never, in a million years, regret that.

So yes, we “all have a price.” If you get the opportunity to change your life permanently, take it.

And before you scream “FUD!” Think again.

Selling, does not mean selling out.

Once my life got aligned, I started buying back in. Odds are, I’ll never have 21 BTC again, but my life now has meaning. I provide value to my family and community. Including the BTC community.

I will buy till I die.

Moral of the story: Take your time. Don’t get greedy. Keep perspective. Fuck FOMO. Fuck regret. Do you. And be grateful that you live in a time when there is no better access to life changing returns and freedom from a tyrannical monetary system.

Even if you live paycheck to paycheck. A little savings in BTC will pay huge in the long run.


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