I just invested $5k into bitcoin at $34k
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I just invested $5k into bitcoin at $34k

I just invested $5k into bitcoin at $34k

Hi guys, I’ve known about bitcoin for a while but never invested in it until a few days ago when it was at 34k. I can’t help feeling that I was too late to the party and that I will never see the phenomenal gains that the true early adopters saw (those who got in when it was still trading under a thousand dollars). I am not going to sell, but I have this utterly disappointing feeling that I got in at the worst possible time, at an all time high. If bitcoin drops substantially, I am going to buy another 5k worth for sure. But I wanted to ask you guys if my feelings of incredible frustration immediately following my investment are normal. Did you guys also experience the same emotions whenever you first invested in bitcoin? That you were late to the party and wished you bought in earlier at a cheaper price? Thanks

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