I haven’t sodl (for the newbs)
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I haven’t sodl (for the newbs)

I haven’t sodl (for the newbs)

Dear newbs, I bought the top in December 2017. I then proceeded to buy certain ‘prestigious shitcoins’ for the rally into January 2018. The kind of top ten CoinMarketCap bullshit. I invested a large part of my house deposit, promised my wife it would go to $50k by Christmas ‘18.

History is there in the charts for all to see. I rode the entire market from peak to trough. I didn’t sell a single sat or shitcoin. I started buying bitcoin again around April last year, steady monthly amounts and any government stimulus I received. Any bit of remaining cash. I still drink nice coffee like a good millennial. I listened to every podcast I could listen to to reaffirm what I already knew.

Had I hedl Bitcoin only, I’d be sitting pretty now. I finally decided to sell my remaining shitcoins before Christmas ‘20 at about 30-40% of what I bought them for. I’ve now recouped my initial investment and I’m in profit.

Seriously, unless you need the money in the next year, leave it. On the other side of that coin, don’t invest money you need in the next year.

If you’re young, buy bitcoin. You’re future is being stolen from you. If you have children, the same applies. You owe them. DCA what you can, 10X of 100 bucks is better than fuck all like the banks are offering. Bitcoin was created for this shitshow the banks and governments are creating. I rode out the 2008 crash and that feels like the 15% blip we saw yesterday compared to what is coming.

Good luck.

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