This is not 2017, I hold my Bitcoin
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This is not 2017, I hold my Bitcoin

This is not 2017, I hold my Bitcoin

From my perspective, I own my few Bitcoins, institutions and big players want them and will increasingly want them more as the price rises.

The second I sell them they will get bought up and that will be more BTC owned and held by big players.

The only way I’ll ever get that BTC back is to buy it at a premium ( or try to time a dip and sell high, historically a shit plan )

21,000,000 Bitcoins max in circulation and I will hold mine. That price may be $35,000 or that price may be $10,000 or that price may be $1,000,000 – I’ll hold it through the corrections and through the pumps because all I know is that a player with billions of dollars in capital, wants my few coins and will pay as much as they have to in order to take them from me when the time is right.

GrayScale, MassMutual, Saylor, JPMorgan didn’t buy billions of dollars worth of BTC to pump it for a month and walk away. They are savvy managers of their capital and they’re doing this for a reason – this is hedging against inflation, they will not leave this market at a loss.

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