My Bitcoin Ride
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My Bitcoin Ride

My Bitcoin Ride

Found the stock market in 1998 with Datek. Rode the NASDAQ stocks all the way up and all the way down.

Went down the Austrian economics rabbit hole and recommend many a Rothbard or Hayek books and essays.

Worked at a bank and wealth management for past 20 years.

Somehow, as a libertarian money history buff I missed Bitcoin up until 2017. Watched in amazement as it clipped $10k on up to 19k. It happened so fast I assumed I simply missed out.

Read up on the white paper as it started it’s ride down. I figured I’d get in but hadn’t found gbtc yet. Price kept sliding so I was in no hurry and kind of forgot about it. Then in late 2018 as the stock market corrected, I had some cash to invest. Looked up Bitcoin and saw it was under 4000.

This was less then when I first heard about it. So bought a couple 1000 of gbtc. A lot of dumb luck meets opportunity.

It is psychologically easy to hold when buying at a low. Haven’t sold any, other than to get on cb pro to get rid of the fees and premium.

Right now I trust coinbase custody more than doing it myself. But I’ll get there.

Boring story but it’s the way.

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