I can’t afford a whole Bitcoin !!
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I can’t afford a whole Bitcoin !!

I can’t afford a whole Bitcoin !!

Just some food for thought. You’ve probably heard something similar along the journey…

“Bitcoin is worthless, why would I even need to touch it.”

“Bitcoin reached parity with the US dollar ($1 = 1btc), I should of got in when it was worth less that the dollar, no one would take a virtual Bitcoin over a real proven government backed dollar now.”

“Bitcoin is $10, that’s way too overpriced now.”

“Bitcoin is $100, that’s more then how much I’m willing to spend today!”

“Bitcoin is $1,000, I couldn’t even save barely that much in a week (or month), why would I put it in Bitcoin.”

“Bitcoin is $10,000, I wish I could of got in earlier… but a price of a used car!? Are you serious..”

You are quarter/half way here

“Bitcoin is $100,000, Wow, now that would be a nice yearly salary I’d dream to have, let alone, trying to save up that amount of money for a Bitcoin.”

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