Bitcoin has helped me understand Minimalism
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Bitcoin has helped me understand Minimalism

Bitcoin has helped me understand Minimalism

This is a random little TL;DR but..

I started investing in Bitcoin just before all the craziness started in late November. Immediately was hooked after reading more and more about the concept (I’m a bit of a tin foil hat kinda guy myself so the thought of anything Anti-Goverment is right up my alley) and now im absolutely hooked. I own a small amount of Bitcoin Currently and im aiming to be in the full coin club eventually!

My partner and I recently watched the new Netflix Documentary “The Minimalists – Less is Now” and they essentially challenge your way of thinking about the stuff in your house. Basically suggesting anything in the house that doesn’t provide value to your life needs to go. We spent all NYE Weekend declutterring and basically stripping our house bare. We sold a whole bunch of stuff on Facebook and made a few grand from it. We sat around this pile of cash we had made like some scene from breaking bad and we made the decision to take what we needed for a nice dinner and deposit the rest into Bitcoin and im incredibly thankful we did that exercise.

I guess this is an appreciation post for Bitcoin & The documentary really. But since the clean up I’ve been able to really enjoy being in my own home again… I didn’t even realise how bad my mental health was getting from coming home to a house full of stuff. Video Game Consoles, Books, Cooking appliances, Funko Pops, Clothes… its all gone. My spending habits are now changing too. My partner and I went from a list of stuff we wanted to buy to no list at all. We don’t need it.

What remains of this exercise are the things most important to me. Good Heath, A Great Partner, A Buisness i love running, A house with everything I need and nothing more and last but not least…. A BTC Wallet stacked with SAT’s

I’ve found my Moon in simplicity, Thank you Bitcoin.

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