My life will never be the same
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My life will never be the same

My life will never be the same

7 years ago, my dad and I bought 100 bitcoins as a joke. We were sitting at the dining table and messing around on Coinbase (my mom thought we were idiots). We would have no idea what it would become over time, but this was after my dad had lost a lot of equity in 2008 from housing crash (he was pissed). This was also when banks were not as capitalized as they are today and he was nervous state of the dollar. Even through the retail driven bubble in 2017 we were hodlers. It has been a rollercoaster to say the least. We finally sold a couple of days ago and cashed in. Bitcoin will forever be an important financial segment in our lives. I hope that bitcoin can affect your lives like it has my family.

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