Bitcoin Moon Tracker
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Bitcoin Moon Tracker

Bitcoin Moon Tracker

Hey all,

Not sure if I am allowed to post this here but I had some free time this weekend and thought why not create a silly website to track bitcoin moon price target:

Thought I would share this with the community.

With our proprietary algorithm, we calculate target moon price and difference in that price. Nah just kidding lol, I am basing my calculations off of distance from earth to moon where 1 mile = 1 usd. Website updates in real-time.

I’ve been using it as a screensaver when my computer is idle (open a browser window and full screen). It updates prices in real time so it’s fun to take a glance at every now and then. If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know. Always looking to improve!

And please let me know if this isn’t allowed here.

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