Don’t “wait for the dip”
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Don’t “wait for the dip”

Don’t “wait for the dip”

There was a dip. 6%. About two hours ago.

I don’t want to hear anybody whining about “waiting for the dip” who didn’t jump on that one, or the 5% dip last week, or the 5% dip the week before that, or the 5% dip the week before that. What, is 5% not enough of a discount for you? It’s not like the rest of the world is going to sell their Bitcoin, crash the price by 50%, then wait for you to notice.

Sure, there will be bigger percentage drops in the future, but there’s no guarantee they’ll take us below where we are today. Get in or stay out, but don’t complain about the dip that never comes … especially if you’re not going to act on the ones that do.

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