Anyone else feel Bitcoin is their only shot?
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Anyone else feel Bitcoin is their only shot?

Anyone else feel Bitcoin is their only shot?

Disabled vet here, who used to work in tech but my PTSD and TBI have all but made it impossible to keep up with the field and eventually became fully unemployable at VA standards. I do part time jobs here and there as I can but it’s not sustainable between MH and seizures.

I have a teenager who I have been saving for since I don’t want him to start out like I did, having to enlist because of no other opportunities, so between trying to stretch necessities and taking care of him there hasn’t been much left.

Discovered BTC several years ago. Bought and stupidly sold at a loss. Got back in the game in early 2019 and have been stacking sats since.

Feels like this is a rare opportunity to rise above my lot in life so to speak and I think because of that I worry that maybe it’s all some kind of pyramid scheme because.. seriously can the powers that be really let this happen? I can’t contribute to society much anymore so I’m supposed to always be on the bottom rung.

And that mindset is what made me sell years ago and I worry I’ll psych myself out and do it again.

Anyone else feel it’s too good to be true?

And because I’ve been DCAing here and there its not anything I haven’t already mentally written off or will completely collapse if BTC does.

Just doesn’t feel like something people like me can accomplish.

Edit: thank you for coming to my therapy session 😆 these last couple of months have been a ride.

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