Let’s play devil’s advocate
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Let’s play devil’s advocate

Let’s play devil’s advocate

Confirmation bias is a bitch and something I’ve been thinking a lot about this year with everything and really trying to challenge myself. I’m less interested in “$3000000000 BTC!!” posts and seeking more critical thinking and conversation.

I’m pro-BTC, have an OK foundation (i could probably impress your grandma), but NOT an expert in crypto, economics, or history.

TLDR; I’m curious if there are resources to check out that clearly outline why Bitcoin will fail. I’m looking for the other side. I want to understand what smart, reputable, but naysaying folks think. Show me the other side.

Things I would like to get more clarity on: What are things currently happening (in the world, within the technology, etc) that could negatively impact btc?

What happens if the sec steps (and how)? No wise guy “called the bitcoin ceo” jokes. I want to play this out.

What happens from an environmental perspective?

What are some harsh realities we should be prepared for mentally and emotionally? for example: first time people flew, there was an assumed risk of dying. however, if someone died that didn’t stop the progress or innovation of aviation.

What are security risks we need to think about and prepare for? Aren’t derivative based platforms (coinbase, paypal) going to be, in some ways, putting lipstick on a pig?

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