A Bitcoin Shortstory
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A Bitcoin Shortstory

A Bitcoin Shortstory

It was thursday morning, I took the underwater metro to go to work as usual. I was early today as I wanted to buy myself a sandwich. I walked into this little store and laid my favourite sandwich on the counter, the one that actually contained some meat, I believe it was pork. I pulled out my wallet to pay for the sandwich, these portable hardware wallets are quite fast nowadays, for a while they were mainly used for storing some satoshis. The cashier looked at me and asked if I wanted a receipt after the satoshish were deposited. The sandwich was about 3 satoshis, so I wasn’t interested in the receipt and kindly declined. All those other receipts have been sitting on my wallet account for ages, I did not feel the need for a new one.

While walking through the metrostation I deposited a satoshi into the account of a begger on the side of the station, seemed like he needs it more than I do, what’s 1 satoshi anyway. Some many years ago it would’ve been about 4 dollars, but that’s a term already unknown to this newer generation. Generation B they’re called, as everyone these days dreams of owning a bitcoin we decided to name them this way. Very few people are able to say they own a full Bitcoin themelves anyway, but this generation looked promising enough. I wonder how many satoshis it would even take to get there..

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