Thank you
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Thank you

Thank you

Hello all just wanted to share. First thank you to this community I’ve learned so much from reading posts. I’m a young farmer in the Midwest, I’m sure that theirs not many of us here lol. I first heard of Bitcoin in 2014 but didn’t think much of it. At that time I had over leveraged my self with the local bank buying cattle, machinery and other farm inputs. The night I got married at 26 y/o I had to tell my wife you are now in debt $600,000+. Long story, shortly after that the farming markets across the board had tanked and I was forced to sell almost all I had to just pay on my loans. I was defeated so I did the only thing I’ve ever done and worked my ass off 3 or 4 jobs at a time. I installed fiber optic internet cables. General Electrician and ran heavy equipment for other people for fractions of the money I was making when I was “self employed” all at the same time continuing to work on the family farm. This is the first year our money has been somewhat stable. Came back to reading about Bitcoin in February of this year and started DCA. Thanks to this community for all the advice. I’m not the most tech savvy person but was able to guide my self where I feel confident in my Bitcoin decisions, because of all your help and advice, this is a valuable community to people like me.

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