FinCEN Regulation MegaThread – Make Your Voice Heard – Wish Mnuchin a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
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FinCEN Regulation MegaThread – Make Your Voice Heard – Wish Mnuchin a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

FinCEN Regulation MegaThread – Make Your Voice Heard – Wish Mnuchin a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

This thread will be stickied until January 3rd – which is also the deadline for comment on the new FINCEN rules & regulations.

Dear r/Bitcoin

I’m Blowing the Horn

The regulators are here, and they want to make things more difficult for the ecosystem. Make no mistake, the new proposed FICEN rules are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give them Hell for trying to sneak in some last minute shenanigans, at the 11th hour, of an outgoing administration, during Christmas. (A cowardly act, no matter your political affiliation).

This subreddit has more than 1,840,000 subscribers, many of whom are lawful American citizens, voters, taxpayers & Bitcoin enthusiasts.

So make some noise, but be respectful and professional if and when you do.

Be sure to let them know that it’s not worth risking Republican control of the Senate over Mnuchin’s personnel vendetta against Bitcoin.

At the time of posting this thread there have been 284 comments made. Lets get that to 2100.

This thread will help host information & options for community members to make their voices heard on these new draconian rules. If you have any ideas on this action, please leave a comment. I’ll try to update it with more options and information as they become available.

Some good background on this:

Everyone Should read this one:

More Background:

The Proposed FINCEN rules & regulations:

Make Your Voice Heard, Comment on the New Rules:

Press the “comment Now!” button at the top right to leave a comment, keep it professional:

Comments Can also be Submitted here:

Letter Template to Send Mnuchin Your Thoughts, Keep it Professional Please:

You can also submit your Feedback to: Policy Division, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, P.O. Box 39, Vienna, VA 22183. Refer to Docket Number FINCEN-2020-0020 RIN number 1506-AB47

AND: Kenneth A. Blanco Director Financial Crimes Enforcement Network via

Rumor is, the Office of Management and Budget has the final say on these FINCEN rules, so be sure to submit a copy of your comments there too:

Closing Thoughts and Strategy:

It’s probably more important to leave a comment on the actual proposed rules, then to send Mnuchin a letter he won’t read. But both are encouraged. In addition, the Office of Management and Budget angle might be the best place to target. Please submit your comments respectfully and professionally to as many of the available avenues for comment and feedback as possible. But do not spam or be disrespectful in your conduct. Please also contact your local senator and congressman for wider effect.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone.

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