Safety Tip: Is it time to use a separate reddit username for Crypto? Probably
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Safety Tip: Is it time to use a separate reddit username for Crypto? Probably

Safety Tip: Is it time to use a separate reddit username for Crypto? Probably

The Ledger fiasco seems like a good reminder to think about safety in general.

It’s probably wise to create a reddit username specifically for talking about Bitcoin (and anything crypto related).

Think about it:

Let’s say you post in r/Bitcoin or r/BitcoinMarkets using your main reddit account. As Bitcoin keeps surging, there will be more and more incentive for criminals & scammers to start going through those subs to find potential victims.

All it would take is a comment in one of those subs about reaching a goal, like owning one full BTC, or maybe 10 BTC, or whatever. A scammer could read that and start going through older comments you’ve made in other subs to see if they can figure out your identity.

Creepers do that all the time. A few years ago, I went on an OKC date with a woman who’d found my reddit username by googling something specific I mentioned on my OKC profile. Something seemingly unimportant. In my profile, I mentioned being a fan of an obscure band. She said she googled the band name & the city we lived in, and my reddit comment was one of the things that came up.

At the time, it seemed creepy, but harmless. But that memory came back to me the moment I saw this thread. It doesn’t seem wise to post about Bitcoin from my main reddit account, so… I made this account specifically for this purpose and it’s about time I start using it. Perhaps you should do the same. Then again, I bet lots of you already do this. In fact, this is something I should have done a long time ago.

Safety first. And HODL! 2021 is looking like it could be an amazing year.

P.S. Speaking of safety… if you have any tips to share, please do.

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