I havent told anyone yet and I am about to burst
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I havent told anyone yet and I am about to burst

I havent told anyone yet and I am about to burst

Throwaway for various reasons. I have not told many people about my stash of BTC. For the crypto people in my life, they are all sitting on shit coins and bag holding. So I havent told them because I dont want them to feel bad. And for the rest of the people i know, they are struggling and on unemployment etc . So i cant really go “hey buddy guess what i finally made it, even though you never will”

Long story short I have been a bitcoin millionaire for about a week. became a millionaire before i hit age 40, which was a goal of mine. I am so excited and happy and have really no one to share this with.

Kind of just want to briefly tell my Journey in bullet format

  • 2015 bought my first coins. Immediately sent them to a ponzi scam and lost them
  • 2016 Was trading Alt coins and investing Ponzis. Lost about 29 btc total so far in my Jouney
  • 2017 Sold all 20 of my remaining bitcoin at $2500. immdiatly became suicidal when it went to 4k with no pull back. I bought back in with 8 btc
  • from 2017 onwards, i had BTC PTSD. Was depressed and going crazy. Decided to become a minimalist. Quit smoking weed (for a year). Quit buying guitars and other crap i didnt need. Started cooking my own food. Spent every penny of my paycheck I could on bitcoin. dollar cost averaging, buying the dip, taking out loans during the bear market, working 2 jobs, working overtime. Spending every second of my day looking at the chart.
  • 2018-2020 -every day I purchased bitcoin. Somedays $1, other days a couple grand. birthday money went to bitcoin. christmas money went to bitcoin. Never sold a single sat.

This post wasnt really meant to brag, got no where to go but strangers on the internet. Hopefully it inspires someone to realize it still isnt too late for you to do the same thing

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