My drunken thesis on Bitcoin and psychology
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My drunken thesis on Bitcoin and psychology

My drunken thesis on Bitcoin and psychology

Bitcoin seems to reward a certain type of psychology. This is good for the future.

It rewards people (HODLers) who:

  • see technology as a force for good
  • see governmental/military backing of monetary value as bad
  • have keen foresight
  • have grueling patience
  • are true believers in blockchain technology and are unemotional about volatility in price
  • are more concerned with preserving value than with greed
  • can withstand sharp criticisms from seasoned professionals (i.e. Warren Buffett) who may be beyond their years
  • are underground and defiant (consider the origins)
  • maintain an obsessive interest in potentials
  • can communicate memetically

The people who have these characteristics seem to benefit the most in this domain.

(Any others I haven’t thought of?)

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