Bitcoin nay-sayer profiles
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Bitcoin nay-sayer profiles

Bitcoin nay-sayer profiles

  1. The socialist academic (It’s a ponzi scheme because people are getting rich)
  2. The R&D-phile academic (It’s not innovation because they don’t teach it at business schools)
  3. The boomer billionaire (Doesn’t care because doesn’t have to)
  4. The conspiracy theorist (Rotschilds invented it to track your transactions)
  5. The trader with PTSD (It will crash tomorrow)
  6. The gold bug (I can’t touch it)
  7. The Ivy League economist (It’s not money because government didn’t issue it)
  8. The know-it-all yuppie (It’s useless if I don’t buy coffee with it!)
  9. The bureaucrat with Stockholm syndrome (The government will ban it so I’m happy with my negative interest rate account)
  10. The shitcoiner (It’s slow)

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