12.5 Cent Bitcoin Regret (and lesson)
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12.5 Cent Bitcoin Regret (and lesson)

12.5 Cent Bitcoin Regret (and lesson)

There are and endless “woulda, shoulda, shoulda” Bitcoin stories. I’ve got one too. October 2010. Sitting with a friend…shooting the sh#t. Talking about Bitcoin and whether it peaked lol.

He suggested we throw a grand on it and have a “red or black” mentality. Back in college, we would go to the casino and immediately walk up to the roulette table and put all our money down. If we won, we took the winnings as our play money and would gamble with that. If we lost we were done and just hit the bar.

“Imagine if it goes up to a quarter…it would be a win like back then.” ….

“Imagine if it went to $1…holy sh#t that would be insane.” ….

We didn’t buy any. Yikes.

Honestly, I didn’t understand it enough back then and didn’t take the time to do my own research. If I did, I would have bought it.

It’s fun to think back and see missed opportunities that would have created a drastically different outcome. Live and learn. If anything, it’s really made me do my own research and digging when it comes to everything in life and business.

Congrats to all the early adopters that saw the potential from day one. What a ride for you.

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