My journey from Rags to Riches ✨
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My journey from Rags to Riches ✨

My journey from Rags to Riches ✨

I belong from a working class family… I have never seen a lot of money… Seen some terrible times as well. But when I was 18, I was searching for ways to earn money on the internet and the word CRYPTO came up on my screen. And then the word BITCOIN showed up. (At that moment, I had no idea what it was) I did a lot of research and after a few weeks, I saved enough money to buy a good miner and started mining… I sold every coin I mined for BITCOIN! (Even tho I didn’t completely understand it) So now, I was hodling some bitcoin and I researched on it a lot. All day every day. This kept on going.

To this day, I own 10+ Bitcoins and continuously making more. I even started to trade… I believe it was my fate to find the term crypto and I researched about bitcoin and more importantly, I HODL! I didn’t sell any! And now I sold 1 btc and bought a nice refrigerator for my mom, heater, a good gaming laptop, rented a nice apartment and currently looking to buy a car although I’ll have to sell another btc but I’ll still be hodling on to 8 btc till 100k each!!

That is how BITCOIN changed my life. I love Satoshi Nakamoto. ❤️

Ps: I’m 21 now. 🙂

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