Bitcoin gave me hope
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Bitcoin gave me hope

Bitcoin gave me hope

I’m from Lebanon and if some people here are jot aware, we’re going through a disastrous economic/social/political crisis, went through a 2700 tons ammonium nitrate explosion at the port, and to top it all COVID lockdowns. I lost my first job because of the explosion and my second one because of lockdowns, banks won’t allow us to withdraw our own money and our currency is worthless now due to a 380% inflation rate (1USD is now worth around 8,500Lebanese pounds) In July I put all I had left in Bitcoin, and after the explosion in August, I started freelancing for Bitcoin jobs I found on some subs here and from my Instagram illustrations page. In the last 4 months I saved more than I did in the last year and, not only my money did not lose its value but it practically doubled! Bitcoin is freedom, Bitcoin is our only way out!

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